Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday happenings....

It was launch day for the butterflies! The children were so excited to see them fly.....we opened the top and....we.....waited......and waited......and waited......and waited! They were sunning themselves and were in no hurry to leave their cozy house. Finally, one took flight and they all cheered! We were hoping to see them when we went outside to play but they must have been busy looking for flowers:-)
Addie and Nolan painting (yellow and purple paint)..
No books in the bookcase but Taylor thinks it makes a great chair, LOL.


McKinley said...

This is SOOO wonderful. Thank you for doing this, it makes my day when I get a message from you and see what great things are going on in my little guys world each day.

Molly Marshall said...

Why aren't there any pictures of my kid today?!! Sheesh :)