About Me

My name is Julia and I have been a provider since 1983. What I offer is much more than just child care. I offer an extended family -- a support system that nurtures all of us.

It is often difficult to balance all the commitments and responsibilities in our lives. I offer you peace of mind where your child is concerned. I provide a safe, loving environment where your child will be accepted, loved, nurtured and encouraged to grow.

I strive to meet your child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs. My home is not a structured classroom setting, but a natural learning environment that also includes important preschool activities to meet the needs and interests of all the children while promoting their individual developmental needs. I am teaching your child new concepts each day. The multi-age group at Julia’s Child Care allows children to practice important life skills like sharing, caring, empathy and teamwork.

The foundation of my program is truly the relationship between myself and the parents… between myself and the children… and the children with each other.