Friday, May 15, 2009

TGIF and Pancake Friday

What a beautiful day! The children started asking when we were going to go outside the second they walked in the door. I can certainly understand because I was ready to get some fresh air and sunshine too. After snack (and the 100th "when are we going outside") we headed out. The children ran, and ran, and ran, and rolled, and chased, and pulled grass and then................."Can we go's too HOT!" Too funny!

Here are the kiddos eating pancakes. I started pancake Friday when Sydney was here. She LOVED pancakes and would ask for them each day so I finally declared Friday as pancake day.

And here are the littles....just too precious!

Have a wonderful weekend...the weather is going to be gorgeous!

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MStebby said...

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Hooray and have a great weekend!