Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun in the sun....

What a beautiful weekend and today the nice weather continues. Just a few things to think about....please make sure your child has appropriate clothing to go outside to play, run and climb. I know the children LOVE to wear their sandals and I won't say they can't, but just please be aware that the chips in the playground are sharp. Also, with the snow we had this winter the playground is full of sticks (from heavy snow in the trees). I spent a lot of time trying to clear it this weekend but I'm still finding sticks that can poke through the holes in sandals. Also....if you could please put sunscreen on your children before they arrive in the morning that would be great.

We are still on "butterfly watch!" Hopefully, the next few days we will see them emerge! Today the children each made their own caterpillar and tomorrow they will turn into a beautiful butterfly!

Also, I added a song on the sidebar that the kiddos are learning during circle. The children can show you the movements that go along with it:-)

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