Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Picture of the kiddos today....

The cool air and light sprinkle sure feels good! Here is a picture today of your children -- Den's camera seems to be working now as last week I couldn't get pictures off of it for some reason.

Next week, Sept. 1 we will be back to preschool activities. The summer has been fun but it's time for a little more structure. There are lots of deals on school supplies right now so if you are able (no requirement) it would be great if you could purchase anything that the children would use.....glue sticks, crayons, paper, washable markers, double sticky tape,(I use a particular kind of paint so no paint needed), etc. As you know :-) the children go through tons of paper so even recycled paper (where something is on the other side) is great for those days they want to color and color and color. There is a great deal at Staples if you ever go there....you can take up to 10 empty printer ink cartridges a month and you will receive a $3 credit for each cartridge which can then be used for supplies.

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